Tomato Paste & Juices

United Concentrates Industry ( UCI ) is a leading Pioneer Egyptian company in the production and processing and packaging of fruit concentrates, juices and Tomato concentrate.

UCI produces different variety of fruit juices, concentrates and pulps with standard international specification. Our high-tech products development labs enable us to satisfy your needs with different options and varieties.

 UCI was established in 2010 with market share 22%.

Company Products:

Fresh harvested fruits are stored at the site before processing.

Pasteurized, cooled and filled aseptically in multi layer pouches.

UCI produces under the HACCP principles.



Tomato Concentrate

Mango Puree

Guava Puree

Peach Puree

Apricot Puree

Strawberry Puree


The UCI Company will conduct many expansions as part of its investment plans in line with the internal policy which focuses on continuous development to provide permanent variety of new products.

UCI is specialized in producing and packaging Tomato Paste concentrates. It represents approximately  40%of tomato production in Egypt.

UCI tomato paste is high quality; we produce tomato paste 26 / 28 & 36% concentrate.

UCI produce tomato paste concentrates both cold & hot break.

Tomato concentrate 36% packed in 220lt aseptic bags multilayer pouches.

Tomato concentrate line is high capacity 650 ton tomato juice/ day, size of tomato paste:-

(60, 120, 140, 280, 380, 800 g).

Products: - Juices

Fruit nectars and fruit drinks are the ba and foundation for the UCI.

Kinds of Juices:

( Apple - Cocktail - Apricot - Mango – Guava – Peach – Orange – Pomegranate – Grape - ….. etc )


( 200ml – 250ml – 1 liter ).